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Rigger Bob's Entertainment Rigging and Rope Access training:

The rigging school is customizable hands-on intensive course designed to teach basic climbing, rigging and work at height skills needed to safely and effectively work as an Entertainment Production crew member.  A strong emphasis will be on rigging applications, however lighting, video or any techs that are required to work at height will benefit from the techniques outlined in this course.

Bob will personally instruct you in the skills and techniques including: beam walking, structural climbing, basic rope access and the use of the most common safety systems.  He extensively covers rigging components,  trusses, control systems, building bridles and pulling points.

This not an ETCP Entertainment Rigging Exam prep course. It is designed to teach hands-on skills for working riggers and techs. This course is based on the premise that doing is a better way to learn than classroom lectures. The course's drills and skills will require good physical aptitude and stamina to complete. It is designed to replicate actual work conditions in the field as accurately as possible.

The first time anyone pulls a point should not be on a rigging call where you may endanger yourself and others or slow down productions efforts.

You will also be introduced to basic rope access skills as taught by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians and will be exposed to modern rope access techniques and gear for work positioning, safety and rescue.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate and ETCP renewal credits.

Rigging instruction can be customizable and can also include a day of Aerial Work Platform.  This is a full day of instruction and operation on the most commonly used booms, scissors and single man basket lifts.  Along with basic operation and safety, Bob will stress work management and effective usage that will make you a more effecient and safe operator.  We can design a course that works for the size and scale appropiate for your needs.

RPL encourages vendor sponsorship and participation for a fully interactive and educational program with the latest products and insights.

The next course is scheduled in May at Reed Rigging in Chicago.

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